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They say that the best way to do things is to get an expert’s advice about it, or, in this case, a carpet cleaner expert‘s advice. If you want to be effective and successful in your carpet cleaning endeavor, be sure to get the facts straight from people who know what they are doing. 


But why bother when you can just ask carpet cleaning companies to do it for you?


Of course, many people are DIY enthusiasts, while others simply want to have as much control over their homes as they can. On another note, the situation with COVID-19 has pushed us to work from home and distance ourselves from everyone else. These are some reasons why we need to be knowledgeable about the things we need to do, especially around our house, and this includes keeping our carpets clean.


Proper Steps to Expert Carpet Cleaning Services 


Expert Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles


There is no doubt about it: your carpets go through a lot every day. Kids, pets, food, and drinks, name it and they can get your carpets dirty.


Fortunately, you can bring back the clean and vibrant carpets you once had, even without having carpet cleaners come to your home. Experts share the carpet cleaning methods they use below and the steps on how to properly apply them on your carpets.

  • Carpet Shampooing

– Remove furniture and expose every inch of your carpet in order to completely clean it. 

– Vacuum the whole carpet and treat stains before shampooing.

– Whether you invested in a shampooing machine or rented one, make sure you use it correctly. Follow the instructions and fill the machine with the right amount of water and soap.

– Run the machine all over the carpet slowly in a specific pattern so you don’t miss a spot.

– Once done, run the shampooer over the carpet again minus the soap, only cold water.

– Let the carpet dry completely before stepping on it or putting furniture back. 

– Vacuum the whole carpet prior to the hot water extraction process.

– Fill the machine with the appropriate solution and in the required tank.

– Spray the carpet carefully using the machine, making sure not to soak it. 

– Allow the solution to set for a few minutes.

– Extract the solution from the carpet at least twice or until the whole carpet is clean and not overly damp.

– Let the carpet dry. 


While carpets receive the brunt of everyday life, knowing how to apply the right cleaning techniques will make them look new again. And the above steps, which expert carpet cleaners have provided, are just what you need to bring your carpets to their best condition. 


Other ways of removing dirt and stains from carpets are also available. These include dry carpet cleaning, encapsulation method, and bonnet cleaning. But you will need the proper tools and machines for these techniques. It will also require the skills and training that only professional carpet cleaners have.


Now, before you go DIY, make sure you can clean your carpets the right way, or you might destroy them, instead. And if in doubt, let experts take over. Carpet cleaning companies like Carpet Cleaners Los Angeles, CA can do the job you require efficiently. And with the proper health protocols, you won’t have to worry about the coronavirus, or other health hazards, at that.