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Now that Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday allowed people 65 years old and older to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the question is — when and where can these people get vaccinated?

Here’s what Santa Clara County officials want you to know:

Those eligible may contact the following health providers to make an appointment:

Eligible individuals whose primary care provider is not with Kaiser, PAMF, Stanford, or SCVMC can be vaccinated through: 

The county warned this week of unofficial texts inviting residents to make a vaccination appointment in the county. They reassure that the texts wrongfully claim an “extra” supply of vaccines and provides a link to register for one of the county’s vaccination sites.

“We know this because we had a huge amount of people show up to Berger [vaccination site] who didn’t have an appointment and they told us they were able to get on the appointment list by getting access to CalVax without going through our typical system,” County Executive Jeff Smith said.